5 Points that help decide whether to Repair or Replace the Roof

Have you ever heard anyone saying, I just can’t wait to replace the roof of my house by installing a new roof? None, ever! This is because roof replacement is an expensive affair and as much as only half the cost of roof replacement can be regained when the house is sold. If your asphalt and fiber glass roof is being inspected regularly, it can work as much as forty years and fifty plus years in case of other roofing. Good roof maintenance routines might prevent costly damages to the structure including rot, insulation, etc.

If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear and you are confused to decide whether to repair or replace it, take following points into consideration:

Age of the Roof:Age of the roof is an important factor while considering whether to go for repair or replacement of the roof. If your roof is relatively new, good roof maintenance routine should prevent it from major damage for further more years. On the other hand, if your roof is near to its expected life and is substantially leaking, replacement would be a better option.

Cost: If the cost of repair is too high and only add a couple of years to its life, you would probably want to consider replacing it putting in some additional cost. On the other hand, if according to your yearly roof inspection, the requirement is for minor repairs, you should go for roof repair services.

Miscellaneous Factors:There are other factors too that plays a vital role in taking this important decision. These factors can be Generalized Shingle Deterioration, Multiple Leaks or the Valley Issues with your roof.

Layers of Shingles: The number of shingles is also a factor. As per the Roofing Regulations,up to two layers of shingles can be installed on a roof but in case you have two of the shingles installed, replacing damages can be more difficult and costly.

Relocation Plans:If you have plans to relocate within next couple of years, replaying a damage roof will make it easier for you to sell your house. However, you cannot expect to recoup more than 50% of this cost to in terms of added value to your home, the damaged roof can have a greater negative impact resulting in lack of buyer interest or they overstating the cost of roof replacement while making offers.

Roof repair and replacement is an important aspect of owning a home. The task of finding a contractor,among the sea of contractors, to fix the problems with your building is very difficult. It only adds to your difficulty to find the right contractor for your roof who is reliable and competent.A.N Young Roofing has an extensive experience of 20 years in Slating & Flat Roofing Services. We are the experts and very well understand the need of the customer. We have an extensive experience in providing Emergency Roof Repairs Aberdeen, General Roof Maintenance & repairs, Flat Roofing installation & repairs and Roof Cleaning Aberdeen. We also serve Roof Repairs Aberdeenshire. We believe providing quality work to our clients. Let us have an opportunity to serve you by providing the safe, quick and affordable roof repairs or replacements.

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