Features of roof repair on the top floor

With a problem such as repairing a damaged roof on a loggia or balcony, owners of apartments located on the upper level of the building have to deal with. A similar situation is associated with constant leaks that occur during rain and snowmelt. But this is only an outward manifestation of the defect. Getting on the reinforcement, water causes the appearance of rust, which has a destructive effect on concrete. Over time, the supporting structure can weaken so much that collapse occurs, fraught with material damage and human casualties.

Why can the roof of a balcony or loggia leak?

Depending on the degree of structural damage, the repair of the roof of the balcony can be performed independently or with the assistance of specialists. To make a choice and make an appropriate decision, you need to find out what caused the problem or you can call roofing services Aberdeen to know the actual problem.

Prerequisites for leakage overlap are such factors:

The use of low-quality building materials or the use of floor slabs that do not comply with GOST. Panels can be lightweight or heavy concrete. In both cases, deformation occurs, leading to a violation of the integrity of the product.

  • Violation of installation technology. When arranging the balcony of the last floor, builders could poorly repair the joints and for some reason not put waterproofing material. Often there are errors in the laying of plates when there are cracks and joints.
  • Climatic and weather conditions. In cold and humid climates, the destruction of materials occurs much faster. Moisture breaks the structure of concrete, and ice leads to a break in its internal bonds. The skate cracks after contact with heavy icicles falling from the cornice. Wind causes vibration, which causes cracks.
  • Own mistakes. Self-repair using a hammer drill is accompanied by a weakening of structures, the appearance of through holes and the occurrence of additional load on the protruding fragment.
  • Over time, metal fatigue appears, the sealant dries and cracks, rubber seals break down. Dirt and moisture get into the formed holes, often grass and shrubs grow on the plates.

Signs of violation of the integrity of the roof are dirty streaks on the ceiling and walls, the appearance of mold, debris and an unpleasant musty smell. If such phenomena are detected, the source of their origin should be immediately determined and measures are taken to eliminate the premises.

Who should repair the balcony roof?

When the roof flows on the balcony of the last floor, the residents of such apartments believe that this is their personal problem and they will have to solve it on their own. The solution to the problem depends on the cause of its occurrence.

The options are as follows:

If the damage occurred due to a violation of construction technology. In this case, the management company must bear all the costs. All external structures belong to the category of public spaces, the repair of which should be carried out at the expense of the housing office or the fund of co-owners of the house.

If the repair of the roof of the balcony was carried out by residents with violations that entailed damage to the structure. Here, all responsibility rests with the perpetrators of the incident. In addition, if flooding has affected the lower floors, then the bill may be invoiced to the owners of the upper living space.

If tenants have discovered a loggia leak, the following must be done:

  1. Find the source of moisture (if possible);

2. Take measures to seal the premises to prevent flooding of the lower levels;

3. Take pictures of the object from different angles;

4. Invite the board of the house and draw up a malfunction report;

5. Write a statement, attach photos to it and submit it together with the act to the management company (keep copies of documents with you);

6. Wait for a response to the request.

When planning a repair on the top floor you need to trust on recommended roofers Aberdeen whose expense (the roof of the balcony) to make it, there may be several options. In case of minor damage, the restoration is carried out independently, after obtaining permission from the house management.

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