Keep an eye on your roof – here are 6 smart tips

Your roof is the largest part of your house and you need to protect it through regular inspections and cleaning, at least twice a year. You should do this in the fall to make sure it is ready for the cold weather, and then once in the spring to make sure it is able to withstand the plagues of nature during the winter. If it has snowed heavily or if it has rained a lot, you may need to check for it immediately after. To know what maintenance is required, read the manufacturer’s recommendations and those from your insurance company. If you are unable to clean and maintain your roof yourself, make sure you hire a professional roofers Aberdeen for this.

Tips on how to clean a roof yourself

Then clean the roof

The best time to clean the roof is as early as possible when you discover moss on the roof. This applies when you have freshly cooked or treated boilers. If you wait too long to clean the roof, the moss begins to grow through the boilers, and then it becomes difficult to wash the roof yourself. The moss attacks and damages the boiler coating, which means that you have to add a new coating as well.

Remove the moss with moss remedy

Have you got moss on the roof? When the moss starts to become visible, wash, or put moss on the roof. Then the moss will not be able to grow firmly on the boilers. If the moss is not so deep in the roof tiles, it is usually sufficient to wash the moss with a high-pressure washer of 150 bar.

Think about safety

If you want to wash the roof yourself, it is important to think about safety. Be sure to use a fall protection equipment.

Replace roof tiles with cracks

If you have discovered a crack in the roof boiler, it is time to replace it. Don’t have a spare boiler lying down? A tip for cooking the boiler temporarily the boiler lying down is a tip to cook n the tile boiler? is to use a special sealant called Quick Bond.

Change the surface

If the substrate is poor then you must replace the entire substrate. Expect your roof to have a life span of 50-60 years if you maintain your roof properly. I suggest you go for flat roof repairs Aberdeen if you really don’t have any idea about it.

The difference between clay tiles and concrete pans

Do you have a clay tile? Then you should not wash and treat the pans because the clay tile is thinner and more sensitive than concrete pans. It is therefore not applicable to walk on clay tile roofs as they can break. However, old concrete pans are ideal for color treatment if, for example, you want to renew the pans with a little color.

Do you have old concrete pans that need to be renewed? Then you can wash and paint the boilers and become like new again. That way you save a lot of money compared to a whole roof change. An added plus is that you do not have to have a construction site in the garden for several weeks!

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